Luz Maria Molinari


Luz Maria Molinari Cueto Hobbins was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in the highlands of that country – near the mystic town of Cusco. She graduated as an artist at the “Escuela de Bellas Artes Diego Quispe Tito“ and as interior designer at the higher technical school “SENCICO” in Cusco 2003. More details in her Biography.

Luz Maria travelled extensively before leaving Peru in 2004 to live in culturally diverse places such as Europe and Africa, before settling in Switzerland in 2011. The large differences of the places she has lived have enriched her creativity, which is reflected in her flexibility and in the large variation of her expressions and works.

She constantly looks for balanced aesthetics and is fascinated by the object’s process of creation: The transformation of the perfect imaginary picture into an object that becomes part of our material world. With a vision in mind, her creativity uses art and its variation as tool to transform imagination into something existing and tangible.

While she has profound experience in exhibiting her paintings and plastics in Peru and Switzerland, she has managed large Art and Cultural Projects, interior design projects, renovation projects and design consultancies in Switzerland, Peru and Mozambique.

Her networking talent, enthusiasm, inexhaustible creativity and tireless interest to make things “look good” merge perfectly with her chosen career paths. Her formal training in Art and Interior Design enables her to fill the gaps between the two areas; using an artists’ eyes and technical knowledge to create design elements and environments with the aim to make people feel good.

While she continues to create and express herself freely in her art, she also produces art on demand, to make it fit perfectly in a chosen place, for a chosen person; or, she uses her technical skills to renovate buildings to serve different purposes.

No matter how technical or expressive the job is – however – she will never miss the opportunity to add the “DiMolinari” spirit to all her works.

 “Our environment is perfect, not reproducible, but can be interpreted. The process of transformation resembles the disclosure of a secret that reveals the artist’s freedom to interpret and imagine the world anew. To experience the sharing of these revelations with fellow human beings is an exciting exchange. Nature and animals can reflect humans and their behaviour; fundamentally, humans equal any other living being on the planet. The question “why?” is at the heart of all my creations, that in turn, only capture a moment – for ever. The disclosure of a moment. From humans, for humans.” Luz Maria Molinari